Our first print publication is now available! With writing by Melissa Summers, Stuart Bridgett, Ernie Hsiung, Krissa Corbett Cavouras, Ross Wolinsky, Claire Zulkey, and many more awesome people.

Get your own copy for a mere $14.99! Or if the print version isn't up your alley, download it for just $6.45.

You should seriously buy a hundred copies for everyone you know.

Curious of the contents? Check out the preview!



  • Misc. Books & Press is an independent company dedicated to publishing smart, witty, delightfully quirky and sometimes poignant literary fiction and nonfiction by writers more in love with their craft than working the corporate mainstream. We are especially interested in insightful writing that lights the shadowed and miscellaneous corners of reality in unexpected and engaging ways. We aren't interested in re-crowning the prom queens. Our first release was released on June 30, 2006. We're very excited to finally bring the Very Best Weblog Writing Ever By Anyone Anywhere In The Whole Wide World, Vol. 1 to the eager hands of weblog readers everywhere.
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